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Automotive bearings from igus®

Reduce costs by 40%

Reduce weight by 80%

100% less maintenance and lubrication

Individual custom-made products

Predictable service life

Resistant to dirt

Especially durable

Which products are you interested in? Choose your area of use:

iglidur® plain bearings  
Onboard plain bearings

  • Manufactured as a standard or custom-made part
  • Lighter than metal bearings
  • Prevent noise

e-chain® E2 micro  
Onboard e-chains

  • Enable a long service life for cables
  • Space-saving
  • Lightweight

drylin® linear plain bearing and igubal® double joint  
Equipment and onboard dry-tech bearings

  • No additional lubricants necessary
  • Reliable even when subjected to vibration and shock
  • Very quiet

triflex e-chains  
Equipment e-chains

  • Reduce maintenance work and costs
  • Quickly filled
  • Extremely robust

High performance polymers for use in the automotive industry

iglidur® plain bearings in multiple-joint hinges  
iglidur® prevents corrosion in multiple-joint hinges

iglidur® bearings are used in, e.g. door and multiple-joint hinges, as they are corrosion-free, compensate tolerances, are suitable for e-coating and run silently.

iglidur® bearings in gear  
Robust, noise-dampening bearings in the gearbox

iglidur® bearings are resistant to transmission oil, noise-dampening and avoid contact corrosion. Therefore, they have been used in shift forks and outer operational applications for many years.

e-chains® in sliding door and tailgate  
e-chains® save weight and are reliable guides

e-chains® are characterised by low weight and long service life. They are ideal for guiding cables in sliding doors and tailgates.

Automotive production with triflex® R e-chains® on robots  
e-chains® increase service life

e-chains® are ideal for protecting very stressed cables in the automotive production and can be tailored individually to your application.

Tested in the laboratory

igus® test laboratory  

All products are checked in the igus® test laboratory, the largest in the industry, under real conditions with regard to wear and durability. Therefore, their service life can be precisely predicted. Upon request, igus® carries out customer tests so as to check the use of the products under totally individual conditions.

Tried and tested on the road

iglidur® on tour: a Smart equipped with 56 bearings.

In the context of the campaign iglidur® on tour, this Smart was equipped with 56 iglidur® bearings and was driven around the world. This project does not only show how well the igus® bearings perform, but also how the material serves a variety of purposes.


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You have questions or require information on using igus® products for the areas onboard or automotive production? Our experts are always happy to help you.


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