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igus® wants to make life easier for designers. And therefore offers a wide range of accessories for motor-driven linear units. It includes cost-effective reference switches and adapter kits for servo motors from other manufacturers or mounting brackets.  The drylin® E accessory range includes spacers – Spacers, which bring the drylin® linear unit to the height of the NEMA motor –, mounting brackets for SAW linear modules and ZLW toothed belt axes as well as matching motor flanges and couplings. This allows you to customise and commission systems in the shortest possible time.

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Motor flange for stepper and DC motors (motor bell)
  • The motor flange, sometimes called motor bell, encloses and protects the coupling and provides the matching mounting dimensions for your NEMA motor.
  • Matches the drylin® E coupling
  • 2 base plate lengths for each NEMA motor flange; others upon request 
  • S-model (short) suitable for the igus® jaw coupling

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drylin® E proximity, limit and reference switches
The compact and easy assembly of the proximity switches represent a logical extension of the kit approach for the drylin® E range. The plastic housing makes the proximity switches, which can be used as limit, position or reference switches, particularly light and tough.

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External braking resistors (power class 50/75/100 W) for EC/BLDC motors
During the braking process of an electric motor, a voltage (braking energy) is generated. This braking energy can destroy the motor control or at least generate an error message. 
To prevent this, the braking energy can be converted into heat by means of motor control and braking resistor. Depending on the motor control used, higher speeds can also be achieved by means of a braking resistor.

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drylin® E set of replacement plug-in connectors
Replacement plug-in set for the suitable igus® motor control system

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drylin® E proximity switch kit
You can order suitable proximity switch kits for your motor here.

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