speedigus® - Custom parts manufacturing services by igus®

What is speedigus®?

Sometimes our customers require custom parts or services, and for many years this has been an important part of the igus® support.
Now, with speedigus®, we combine custom parts with speed, using the benefits of igus® Tribo-plastics.
For all speedigus® options our promise is: a prompt answer to all enquiries within 24 hours and on schedule delivery as agreed upon in 3 to 15 business days.

Gerhard Baus, Prokurist New Businesses Development, introduces the new speedigus® service.



Customised injection moulded parts – reduce costs by up to 80%
New: Print2mold - 3D-printed injection mould tools
Metallic tools
3D injection moulding tool  

Thanks to 3D printing, igus® is able to implement customer-specific injection moulds made of high-performance plastics quickly, thereby reducing costs by up to 80%. For simple shapes, the special part is ready to ship from 4 days. Due to the special material properties, the selected mould materials withstand the high temperatures of the injection moulding process so that up to 500 parts can be produced from one 3D print mould.

Metallic tools  

If more than 200 - 500 pieces are required, customised iglidur® parts can be produced in injection moulding. A speedimold injection moulded part is produced with an aluminium tool: this process is extremely time-saving due to the slim production method. The delivery times are sometimes only 3 days, but never more than 21 business days - even with very complex component assemblies. The tooling costs are very low and start at € 1000.


Fast manufacturing - fast delivery

Manufacturing of customised parts from iglidur® bar stock. A speedicut part is manufactured from a standard iglidur® bar stock using a customer's drawing. The delivery times are sometimes only 24 hours, but never more than 15 business days.

+ -
from 3 days
Precise manufacturing
according to drawing
Maximum 100 mm
Ideal for small quantities



Time saving due to ready to install modules

iglidur® parts, assembled in a customer-specific component assembly. A speedifit part is created by assembling a standard or custom iglidur® plain bearing in a housing, which has been manufactured according to a customer's drawing. This entire assembly is supplied as a component - this saves time and money.

+ -
Reduce the number of
Increase productivity from 5 days
Increase cash flow

Why iglidur® plain bearings?

General information on iglidur® bearings. Structure, installation, tolerances, technical data, FAQs

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