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igubal® pillow block bearing in the stone industry.

Problems such as corrosion, extreme pollution and maintenance of the conveyor system in stone processing can be solved with igubal® pillow block bearings. Another advantage is the low price of igubal® pillow block bearings compared to stainless steel bearings.

Easy installation

Insensitive to dust and dirt

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Picture of product

Picture of product

igubal® pillow block bearings KSTM-25

Part no.: KSTM-25

Max. static tensile load: 6600 N

Max. stat. axial compressive load: 3200 N

Max tightening torque for oblong holes: 10.5 mm

igubal® product overview

igubal® pillow block bearings are self-aligning bearing elements completely made of plastic. The split and self-aligning pillow block bearings are easy to mount, suit all angular variations and in many cases can be replaced by special housings.

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