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Tech up & cost down
motion plastics for
rail technology

The number of passengers on public transport has been increasing steadily for 20 years. This is confirmed by figures from the Association of German Transport Companies. Good news for the industry, but also an increasing strain on rail network, trains, trams and equipment: durable components are required that can withstand such high requirements and yet meet stringent  fire safety standards, such as EN 45545 or NFPA 130 .
But how about reducing maintenance effort and costs or making regular lubrication unnecessary? Is that impossible? Not at all! igus has given the name motion plastics to these components, which simplify a wide range of applications wherever movement is involved;  tram doors are a typical example.

motion plastics advantages:

  • Cost-effective
  • Save installation space and weight
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Maintenance-free for 24/7 use
  • Quickly delivered
  • Easy assembly
  • Complete system or individual components from batch size 1
  • Predictable service life

New from April 2020

Seven highlights in a three-minute video

Innovations for rail technology

Tech up, cost down - with energy chains for confined installation spaces: especially flat, with a small bend radius and 30% cost advantage compared to the previous model.
You can find out more information on these and further product innovations at our 400m2 trade show stand. You can either explore it virtually on your own or together with our industry expert. Make an appointment now for a guided virtual tour with individual consultation:

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igubal cast iron housing bearing without lubrication

Cast iron housing bearing without lubrication

▲ Tech up

Service life in dirty environments is longer than with ball bearings by up to a factor of eight

▼ Cost down

No costs due to maintenance or downtime

Save up to 25% thanks to easy bearing replacement

Find out more about the new cast iron housings
drylin heavy-duty lead screw nut DST-JGRM

Heavy-duty lead screw nut in new design

▲ Tech up

Connection sizes identical to conventional ball screws

Available as heavy-duty version with metal plate

▼ Cost down

Cost-effective optimised injection moulded design

Variable design for all threads Ø 14/16 and 18/20

Find out more about the series DST-JGRM
igubal KARM metal rod end

Metal rod ends for greater loads

▲ Tech up

Metallic housing and hence five times higher breaking strength than igumid G

▼ Cost down

No minimum order quantity, no tool costs for igus standard

Short delivery time

More information about igubal KARM rod end

igus® products being used successfully in the railway technology industry

Solutions in passenger transport

  • Numerous igus products meet Hazard Level 3 according to DIN EN 45545 or NFPA 130
  • Special plain bearing materials also fulfil requirement sets R22 and R23, while certain cables fulfil R15 and R16
  • Service life can be calculated with free online tools
  • igus products save weight
  • Maintenance-free, vibration-dampening bearing technology without any additional lubrication
  • High temperature resistance from -50°C to +170°C

Solutions in goods transport

  • Durable products, service life can be calculated with free online tools
  • Suitable for high loads
  • Media-resistant (salt, chemicals, oil etc.)
  • Weather-resistant
  • Maintenance-free, vibration-dampening bearing technology without any additional lubrication

Railway technology sample box
Goods transport sample box

Sample box for passenger transport

The sample box contains iglidur bar stock, a dryspin lead screw, iglidur plain bearings, a self-adjusting igubal bearing, chainflex cables and an e-chain.

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Sample box for goods transport

The sample box for goods transport contains different iglidur plain bearings, a self-adjusting igubal bearing, a chainflex thrust washer and iglidur bar stock.  

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Cost-effective igus® polymer products for rail technology

iglidur® RW370 plain bearings

iglidur RW370 plain bearings

Complies with the European fire protection standard DIN EN 45545


High wear resistance

Low coefficient of friction

No additional lubrication


chainflex® SPECIAL.414 cable

CFSPECIAL.484 bus cable
CFSPECIAL.414 control cable

  • Flame-retardant (according to DIN EN 60332-1-2, DIN EN 45545-2)
  • Fire safety class 3 (in accordance to EN 45545-2) or 4 (in accordance to DIN 5510-2)
  • 36-month chainflex guarantee
  • Small bend radius
»  Bus cable in the shop

E2 micro energy supply system

E2 micro energy supply system

  • High torsional resistance
  • Smallest inner heights and bend radii
  • Mounting brackets with strain relief optional
  • Small pitch for silent operation
  • Cable-friendly interior
  • Lightweight
  • igumid G V0 GF material, in accordance with DIN EN 45545 or NFPA 130

iglidur® RW370 plate bar stock

iglidur RW370 plate strips

  • Complies with fire protection standard DIN EN 45545 HL3, R22/R23
  • Flame-retardant
  • High wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction

iglidur® RW370 round bar

iglidur RW370 round bar

  • Complies with the fire protection standard DIN EN 45545 HL3, R22/R23
  • Flame-retardant
  • High wear resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction

dryspin® high helix lead screw

dryspin lead screw technology

  • Lubrication-free and maintenance-free
  • Higher efficiency (up to 82 %)
  • Longer service life due to asymmetry
  • Media-resistant
  • The radius tooth design ensures quiet, low-vibration running

Tested in the test laboratory for use in the real world

All products are checked in the igus test laboratory, the largest in the industry, under real-life conditions with regard to wear and durability. This enables the precise determination of the service life of the products.
Upon request, igus carries out customer tests so as to check the use of the products under completely unique conditions.

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