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Order the right connector quickly in the new igus connector shop04/02/2019

Whether motor, servo or data cable - with its chainflex range, igus offers the user technically the best and at the same time most cost-effective cable for use in the energy chain. Using the chainflex online shop, the customer can directly order the right solution from the cable range in the desired length. If he wants to harness existing sold by the metre cable himself, he can now order his matching connector at the new igus online shop. In the connector shop ( ) the user will find a wide selection of connectors from various manufacturers such as Intercontec, FCT, Yamaichi and Harting. The customer has the choice between cost-effective plug-in connectors for signal connectors, connector sets and cable glands from Hummel, which are available directly from stock with no minimum order quantity. This allows the engineer to harness and connect the cable for his application within a few days.

If the customer wants to save time and money, he can use the readycable service from igus. The motion cable specialist has been developing cables specifically for use in the energy chain for almost 30 years and offers over 4,200 drive cables, produced using 24 manufacturer standards, ready for connection. After harnessing, each cable is subjected to 100 percent digital and logic testing before being shipped. Since all chainflex cables are tested in our own test laboratory spread over 2,750 square metres of floor space, igus is the only manufacturer in the market to offer a unique 36-month guarantee on its complete range of cables.