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Easily controlled automation with new dryve motor control systems for igus linear axes05/01/2019

In its drylin product range, igus has been offering lubrication-free linear axes with matching stepper and DC motors for several years. As "drylin E", users can use these motorised axes configured ready-to-install in different installation sizes as single axis or in gantry structure, for example with format and height adjustments or pick-and-place applications. For an easy control and operation of the axes, igus' D3 dryve now offers users a control system for simple movement and the D1 dryve a control system for more complex tasks. This allows a variety of tasks to be automated without programming.

D3 dryve: Quickly set, directly automated

The new D3 control system is suitable for all standard DC motors. Simply connect to the 24 volt power supply and parameterise the operating mode, end position switch off, acceleration and the motor via the DiP switch. The speed can be adjusted with a rotary controller. The current limiting is done by means of a screwdriver by another controller. So, after a few simple steps, the control system can already be put into operation. An LED display indicates the current status of the control system to the user via various colours. Another advantage of the D3 dryve is its cost-effective price of 120 euros. As a result, for the automation of their systems even small and medium-sized companies without programming skills can use motorised linear axes. The new D3 dryve control system is used in furniture-making, for example in extending countertops in the kitchen, or even for closing windows. For more complex tasks such as for controlling linear robots, users can rely on the intuitive D1 dryve control system for stepper motors, EC/BLDC and DC motors.

D1 dryve: New intuitive interface for a complex control system

The D1 dryve control system was presented by igus at the SPS IPCS Drives with a new intuitive interface. The user can operate the motor control system easily via a web browser on a fixed PC or even on a smart phone or tablet. A clear interface helps the customer with the correct parameterisation. "The start-up of a motor-driven axis together with the new D1 dryve control system is possible in a few minutes," explains Rene Erdmann, head of the drylin E drive technology division at igus. "Afterwards, the values can be also changed or intermediate steps can be added easily via the web browser." Besides the fast commissioning and user-friendliness, the special advantage of the D1 dryve is the networking ability of the control system. The control system has been designed to save space and can easily be mounted in switch cabinets on a top-hat (DIN) rail. This can then be connected via a WLAN router, whereupon the system can be controlled via a wireless device. The integrated web server does not require any further software on the operating devices, nor does it need additional storage media or the like. This means that users do not have to install or bear additional costs. To give prospective customers an opportunity to test and convince themselves of the D1 dryve control system, igus offers the customer an on-line simulation at Another service offered is the igus Learning Channel on YouTube. It helps the user by showing short video clips of the fast and simple installation and parameterisation of the D1 and D3 dryve. Both control systems are available directly from stock within 24 hours.