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Press release menurut area

Gripping automation: cost-effective delta robot from igus as a construction kit13/11/2018

Automate simple tasks quickly, easily and cost-effectively: this is the goal of igus with its low-cost automation products. Besides its room gantries, the plastics specialist has now developed a completely new product in the form of a delta robot. It was presented to a specialist audience at the 2018 automatica in Munich. The robot is based on three maintenance-free drylin ZLW toothed belt axes, lubrication-free igubal coupling bars and matching adapter plates. NEMA stepper motors and encoders ensure the quick handling of up to 1 kilogram with a precision of ± 0.5 millimetres. The complete system has an installation space of up to 420 millimetres in diameter and can carry up to five kilograms at low speeds. The lightweight construction with aluminium and plastic makes the delta robot extremely cost-effective at a price of less than €5,000 and provides high speeds with a pick rate of at least 60 per minute. "The cost-effective delta robot enables our customers to have their own control box and integration at a cost of around €10,000 to 15,000. They pay off after just a few months, a maximum of half a year," explains Stefan Niermann, head of the drylin linear and drive technology division at igus GmbH.

Available as a modular kit or ready-made system

Depending on the customer's requirements, the new delta robot can be delivered within 24 hours as a pre-assembled construction kit with assembly instructions in a box weighing 18 kilograms, or as a ready-to-install system in a transport frame. As an option, the customer can use their own software and control system, or the intuitive and easy-to-use dryve D1 control system. The use of the delta robot is very apt for simple assembly functions, pick and place tasks, as well as applications in inspection technology. In addition to the delta robot, igus also offers further low-cost robotics systems with its robolink product range. This range offers the user the opportunity to individually assemble robot arms with up to 5 axes from a modular system consisting of different joints with a wide variety of plastic gears, motors and interface connectors.